The last week and a half has been largely tainted by the stream of crap events from Wednesday to Saturday. Then Sunday was a mixed bag followed by a blackout. I am disappointed with my apparent inability to live in Prague and not become an alcoholic.
Wednesday was a bit shit all round. First there was my trip to the computer shop in which I discovered my laptop is completely fucked with little chance of repair. The motherboard is dead and Mesh Computers PLC are quite possibly the worst company I have ever had dealings with. Then I went to the internet laundry place and found that I have 350 pounds less than I thought I had, not enough to buy a plane ticket to Hong Kong even. My MP3 player, phone and only jumper are all in the mid stages of breaking too.
Thursday was ok actually, though I just got drunk and watched TV.
Friday was the 13th and a full moon. I had a bad time and that’s all, but a girl I know got her wallet stolen with all the money she had in the world inside. We went to see a band but they weren’t on, it was just a weird fake Irish bar. I was there with Dennily, Liv, Miriam and Amanda and got to see quite how much creepy attention a gang of girls gets. Some drunk Austrian guy found us in Le Chien Andalou after, bought us all shots (which I ended up drinking as nobody else wanted them) and tagged along to Blind Eye and Akropolis. It was around this point that he figured out that they were not available or interested and shouted at Dennily before walking out in a huff. He cornered me on the way out and said “I like you, you are a nice guy, but your girls are bitches.” They aren’t “mine” and he never even had a conversation with them. The music was shit in the “mala scena” so we went into the other room where the music was good for five minutes until some appalling dj came on and played “Do You Really Like It.” Got a day tram home.
Saturday I woke up with panic chemicals in my brain which just wouldn’t go away. I was supposed to go and see Art Brut at Abaton. It took an hour to get there but only a second to realise I’d got the wrong night. Not wanting to go to the ‘skafest’ we went back to the pub. A&M sent me a message inviting me to the cinema so I got across town to find that yet again it wasn’t on. Got annoyed, went back to the pub again, got drunk, played fooz, went to bed.
Sunday the panic chemicals had taken over properly. Spent all day trying in vain to relax and then went to the Art Brut gig on my own in a huff and drank shots of Tuzemak with beers as fast as possible. The gig was good, though I was pretty wasted by this point. Bumped into a few Czech girls I knew and went off to a bar with them, arranged a date with one and got off with her friend after she’d left (bad, bad, bad…) Then I woke up in bed a couple of hours later, my mind a blank as far as what went on inbetween. Spent yesterday feeling very ill, went to play poker at the Clown and Bard for a bit, drank some fruit juice and tea and had an early night.
I am feeling ok now, but a week off everything is needed. Conveniently the Blind Eye is closed for ventilation installation.

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  1. do you remember eddy argos running around reading wearing nothing but a tie? i don’t know if i’d want to see that so much these days.

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