Just had to take a call from someone I spoke to last night and go through exactly the same things at the same extensive length I did yesterday. He said I’d put his mind at rest, again, hope whoever he speaks to tomorrow night about it does too.
Out in the world outside the news seems to be turning into chapters in Tony Blair’s autobiography, which is giving the headlines a narrative flow they’ve been gasping for for years – The failed bid in Paris, thousands of frenchies booing, then cut to Tony and Jacques up in Gleneagles about to enter the conference. Outside protestors clash with police.
It’ll be a good scene in the biopic.


Andy the mugger has come round. The girls say they are scared of him since they found out, but I’m not – I’m sure any robberies were carried out in a trademark cheeky chappie fashion. However, I’m too tired to watch the situation and bed is calling. ‘Night.

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