9.26 I really don’t want to be here today. Not enough sleep last night and I can barely speak. Thankfully it is pretty quiet.
9.31 I hate the public
9.54 Just remembered I brought no money for food, will have to try to wangle some free from the sandwich woman.
10.58 Funny when someone calls up and you can see that they’re obviously wrong but they still persist with lying to you. Maybe it’s teaching me something about how convincingly people can lie. To themselves, too.
12.30 Sandwich woman very understanding. Sandwich dry. Spend 15 minutes of break chewing on crust.
15.30 Not a bad lunchtime swim, though I was a bit knack the whole way through. Things got interesting though when one of the turbo swim-twats I was talking about yesterday went that bit too far and had to be told to get out of the slow lane by the pool staff. Then instead of just moving over he stayed there and had a shouting match with them, trying to
get everyone else in the pool involved. His argument seemed to be based on the premise that “everyone else was too slow”, which didn’t seem to cut the old mustard with the pool guys, who ended up in the water themselves. Not due to the argument per-se, but due to the kind of horseplay amongst the staff that they are paid to prevent. The manager must have been off or something, everything seemed to be slightly wrong. The water, for example, was about 4 inches higher than usual and almost flooding the whole place.
16.55. Just had an old man on the phone and discussed how our systems work with him for half an hour. Actually the only interesting conversation I’ve had all day.
18.30 Getting late in the day and we’ve moved back downstairs as the floor is being closed. My computer decided to break when I get down there, so I get to waste 5 minutes finding another one. Lots of break saved up for the end, so I’m in a good mood, though I bet a really long call will come in now.
18.51 Nine minutes of break, then home for some food. Stomach is grumbling.
21.20 Home and on the net. At Sainsbury’s there was a woman in front of me holding a tiny purse full of computer disks, eating a bag of cashews. When she got to the front of the queue the checkout girl scanned the bag and the woman said she had to go to the cashpoint to get the money to pay and walked off. Genius.

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