After leaving Yangshuo I finally got to go somewhere new. The sleeper train was easy and fairly pleasant this time – I shared it with Tabitha from the hostel in Yangshuo, and a few Chinese people, including a local travel guide who gave us some partially correct information.
After a good sleep (for me at least) we were in Yunnan, China’s wild south-west.


On first viewing Kunming looked pretty much like any other Chinese city, which is to say not particularly inspiring. After dumping the bags and having naps we tried to have a better look around and didn’t find much apart from pretty decent dumplings and a couple of unusual pagodas.


After an evening playing pool and a morning spent sleeping I took an afternoon to have a look around. Kunming has a reputation as a pleasant enough city, albeit one with nothing much to see, and the reputation seems to be pretty much deserved. There was a fairly nice, fairly small museum, some shops and cafes, but not much that you couldn’t see elsewhere.
On the plus side Kunming is comparitively clean and has a much slower pace to most of China. The view from the hostel balcony at night was quite nice too.


After a night out with some cool hostel people at a standard shit Chinese disco and another long sleep, that was my two days in Kunming finished.

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