On the 4th floor today, so a bit quieter. I think I’ll move up here permanently, I like it so much.
Sauntered purposefully towards the swimming pool in the sunshine at lunch as usual. I’ve been thinking about the social dynamics of the pool, which don’t make any sense whatsoever. There are three lanes; slow, medium and fast. In the slow lane go the women, the old people and me. In the medium lane men with shower caps and goggles going at breakneck speed. In the fast lane, normal people going at a slower speed. I stick in the slow lane with the old people.
There’s a few rules of social etiquette which are plainly obvious to anyone and ignored by about 50% of people there. The most obvious one is that other people are in the pool too so you really shouldn’t thrash about in the water so hard that anyone on either side of you is drenched in the face, but for some reason everyone in the middle lane still does. Surely creating monster waves slows you down? You never see that at the Olympics. There was even a culprit in the slow lane today, swimming like a drowning spastic. I called him a cock but only because he couldn’t have heard me, the idiot.
Something should be done.
Walked home in the drizzle and queued for twenty minutes at sainsbury’s to get some more salmon and salad, then came home to eat it. This evening we watched L’Appartement which I thought was the greatest film I’d ever seen when I was sixteen but which was, well, alright, pretty good.
Was going to put photos from the weekend here but photoshop has gone nuts on me for some reason. Ah well.

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