It’s been a life of leisure for me these last few days, off work with another throat infection making me barely able to speak, let alone tell people why it’s £6 for a copy statement. I’ve spent my time fairly wisely I’d say and have finally decided to go ahead and upload my almost completely new website, which is still here – . Though it isn’t exactly finished as such I decided it probably never really will be, so there you go. It’s been fairly sunny and I don’t want to be stuck inside with dreamweaver next week. Other than that, I went to the doctors’ again this morning and found out I don’t have asthma, but some allergy to something. He prescribed me some neoclarityn on top of everything else, we’ll see how that goes.
Today is also the general election in England, in case anyone wasn’t aware, and there’s a slim chance that Brighton Pavilion (that’s where I am) will elect Britain’s first Green MP, so fingers crossed about that. I voted for him at least, and if the poll was determined by the number of posters in windows he’d already have won by a fair stretch. I’ll be staying up fairly late to see what happens tonight, should be interesting locally at least. The rest of the country seems to be a foregone conclusion, the lesser of two evils due to win easily.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Light, non-greasy – smooth & supple. Mmm
    Hullo James. Check this out:
    P.S. Make sure you and Mr. Finer rendezvous in Praha – early August. Work on it .

  2. i sent you an email regarding some web space. that would be sweet as i’ve fallen off the website bandwagon somewhat.

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