Still medicated up to the gills in ’05 and now able to speak, though still in a Barry White tone.

Stastny Novy Rok, all, by the way.

Staying with Hamish and Wendy in Dejvice at the moment, trying to recover from the old flu in the daytime and hanging around smoky bars in the night-time to make it worse.
New years wasn’t too bad. I usually have a very disappointing one, but I didn’t build up any expectations this time, so all was good. It started off at Amanda’s place where she was hosting a dinner party of sorts. The food was pretty good which, considering that it was Amanda cooking, rates as amazing, especially as she could only use one hotpoint or else the power kept going off.
About 80% of everyone was at the Blind Eye, including 2 exes and many vague acquaintances. But not Bob, Russ, Hanna, Lori, etc, etc. I tried to chat to as many as possible, until my voice started to give way. The place seems to have changed quite a bit in these last few months – five public rooms now, and all with proper decoration and seating. Serious snazz.
Noah announced new year. It is his bar, I suppose. 2005 began, and still not a flying car in sight. Matthew said he’d been saying that for five years, so a point to him and a pat on the back, or something.
I held out until two thirty, when the smoke levels began to choke me though I was doing the ten mins inside, ten outside thing the whole night. I got an unbelievably expensive taxi back and lost my voice entirely as I was saying goodbye to the driver. It’s a very strange feeling. My vocal cords failed to move at any frequency.
This morning I listened to 50s hits on the radio and ate some cookies that Jess gave me last night. Feel a little better now and will go to U Houdku for some soup when other people wake up.

The spazzy writing above indicates to me that my brain is still not working at full capacity. Soup will fix things.

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  1. happy neu year!
    i once had such a terrible flu/cold thing that i went almost completely deaf for the best part of two days. since then my hearing has been slightly crap and i am prone to my ears popping on a regular basis. totally rubbish i’d say.

  2. poranila_se says:

    this laryngitis totally sucks. it just won’t go away – and i suppose going out and drinking enough to keep me in the bars until 9am, wasnt the best choice, but it was the new year. of course, now it seems idiotic but at the time – ‘eh. this flu/cold w/ laryngitis really needs to go away.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi James,
    Happy New Year! Still get around to reading your blog sometimes – can truly relate to your New Year’s Eve feeling! Hope you have a fun time in Prague, I’m hanging around Brussels for the next while, don’t know where I’ll be in 6 months, though. Stay happy and healthy in 2005 – oh – and don’t go to Thailand!

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