Fate is against me. I am leaving, so I get a whole load of job offers and start having a really good time, plus start getting invited on holiday with my students. I also left the house today with my suede jacket on, so it was destined to rain. Every time I take my big coat it is unbearably hot. Ah fuj.
Last night I saw Adaptation. It was very good, my only problems with it were due to him working in a similar field to me. Ditto Will Self. What I mean is that I see the same mistakes I make and don’t like them. But not to deny the brilliance, of course.
Today I went around with comedylisa and about 6 or 7 other people who were known by numbers and not names. Lisa had offered to take them around town, so we did, though realtour Paul overheard her and had a major strop, apparently. Can’t blame him, I suppose.
It was a good tour, though the rain was threatening at all times. We saw very little, but went to the right places at least. I gave up talking after an hour or so and just led.

Edit: Glad I’m not at Reading this year, the place is full of dumb fucking metallers who think they can bottle offstage anyone who isn’t defined by the narrow boundaries of “rock.”

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  1. poranila_se says:

    you cant change your mind and stay?

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