Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog Podcast #028 – Year Of The Rabbit

As usual here’s my annual Chinese New Year podcast. Happy ‘Tu’ Year.

1. Malcolm Williamson / Michael Hordern – Prologue
2. Animal Collective – Who Could Win A Rabbit
3. Do Make Say Think – Horns of a Rabbit
4. Randy Greif – The Rabbit Hole
5. Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
6. Adam Green – Bunnyranch
7. Guru Guru – Samantha’s Rabbit
8. Reika – Rabbit Rounds
9. The Yummy Fur – Bugs Bunny
10. Moondog – Rabbit Hop
11. Chas ‘n’ Dave – Rabbit
12. Flanagan & Allen – Run, Rabbit, Run
13. Frank & The Top Ten – Beach Bunny
14. The Shins – Red Rabbits
15. Milk ‘n’ Cookies – Rabbits Make Love
16. Sufjan Stevens – Enjoy Your Rabbit
17. Roots Manuva – Evil Rabbit
18. El Último de la Fila – “The Blue Rabbits Machine” Corporation Hymn
19. Ooberman – Honeydew

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1 Response to Last Night A DJ Killed My Dog Podcast #028 – Year Of The Rabbit

  1. for a moment there i thought you’d missed out chas and dave. i was relieved that on closer inspection you hadn’t.

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