After last nights brief entry I found myself going around Zizkov with comedylisa, who had a massive list of chores to carry out for a gang of Irish kids she’d met at the Clown & Bard. After getting their money from a cash machine and buying groceries we went to get pizza, ordering the menu option described only as “surprise.” It turned out to be salami, Bolognese sauce and lettuce. We headed up to the dorm with our booty, where everyone had been sitting in the mattress-lined crawl space called the attic for three days or so, drinking vodka during their entire waking hours and jumping off the balcony. The latter activity (and possibly the first) resulted in a trip to the hospital for a really fucked leg.
To cut a long story short I ended up hanging around with Jan and the Germans again, as it was their last night. We went to the Blind Eye & Akropolis, where a huge row broke out after some ill-judged stripping and kissing. One member of the couple in question stormed off, announcing he was driving back to Germany on his own.
The repercussions reverberated as we found a new herna bar where beer is 13 crowns, Jameson’s 29 crowns and the service friendly. A great night, to tell the truth, I must have got to know 8 or 9 new people and drank way way too much.
Tonight, a little bit of quiet movie watching, then bed.

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