It seems that I have somehow become a primary (grade) school teacher. This is not so bad. The kids here are taught 50 or 60 to a class all week, then they come here of a weekend and I get them to have conversations with each-other, then put them into teams and have them compete in basic language games for a while. Then they go off in a good mood to tell their well-off parents how much more fun this is than real school. I’ve got my own assistant too, and am currently working for a less than stressful ten hours a weekend. All week is then free for me to do absolutely nothing, as I’ve run out of money. Pay day is next Tuesday and the first purchase will be a DVD player. In the meantime I’m eating a lot of rice and shivering in the unheated flat. The weather is bound to get better pretty soon.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    some shi vering? weeeeeel,we`ve already got huge sunburn…skin is peeling off…:)amy&natalia

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi weejay, can you tell me of any really, really fun games that i might not know, im running dry and next term im at an all girls convent school. adam.

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