It’s a hot hot day.
I haven’t been really taking advantage, though I should’ve been.
Just too hot.
Well, at least the summer is here at last.
Just now on the tram I had a mildly unfortunate journey. A stop after I got on a beautiful seventeen year-old girl wearing a short short skirt came and sat opposite me while her grouchy mother sat behind her and scowled at me whenever I looking in the direction of her daughter. I had to spend the entire journey not looking forward for fear of being beaten up by the monobrowed old hag. It really isn’t fair that I should feel like a sex offender for sitting on the tram and minding my own business.

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  1. hiredg00n says:

    Situations like that call for the guidance of good ol’ Eazy E:
    Started talkin’ that sh!t wouldn’t ya know?
    I reached back like a pimp and I slapped da hoe!
    Then her mother got up and she started to shout,
    So I threw a right cross and knocked her old ass out!
    Lyrics changed slightly to fit your predicament…

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