So, the bad news is that my lungs have finally realised I’m not smoking after seven months or so and have taken it upon themselves to get some kind of chest infection. I just wish it would fuck off really. Don’t smoke, kids! Or you’ll be coughing up all kinds of shit seven months after you give up. I need a form called an E111 to get health insurance and my mum needs to get it stamped at the post office and sent over, blah, blah. Problems.
Good (maybe) is the intense heat, and the work. Can work ever be good? No. What the hell am I talking about? Just got an e-mail from Adam, says he is teaching English to foreign types too, but in Thailand. Says it’s fun. He’ll learn.

Additional – people I know, which one of these looks like me? I know the beer is cheesy by the way, but aint that the truth.




I think the last one.

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  1. where do you do them things? i want one. want want want.

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