Got up bright and early this morning expecting some money.
But due to a misunderstanding (mine) I still have none.
Still, I got the rest of the day free so I watched Willy Wonka with Hanna and Russ, then had a walk round Karlin. Don’t know why I haven’t been before, it’s beyond odd. Like a cross between a grid-layout Mediterranean plaza area and a wild west ghost town. The second element is due to the floods this time last year – they fixed the old town area but not Karlin. Its only now that they’re digging up the whole area, re-laying tram lines, etc, but there are still a lot of derelict buildings and even a few that have half fallen down. The only people there seem to be builders. Anyway, it was a strange hour.
And then I did some Creamfields food shopping.
Sorry if this message has been massively dull.

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  1. poranila_se says:

    go see david cerny’s installation.

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