It’s December and I’m popping home to frantically sort out / throw away my worldly possessions in just over two weeks.
Good things: Getting to see parents, step-parents, sister, cats, rabbit (prob. still alive), some extended relatives, possibly seeing a couple of friends, nice food, getting away from psychopathic French housemate for a couple of weeks, can bring back CDs and videos…
Bad things: two twenty-one-fucking-hour coach journeys, lugging luggage, utter panic at how much has to be done, will miss escapades in Prague and so on.
So the good outweighs the bad then. I have already got my coach ticket. Flirted with the travel agency girl to try to get a discount but it didn’t work. Never does really. Maybe if I looked like Leonardo Di Caprio or something? The surgery would pay for itself in discounts eventually.

I need some serious website help and am openly begging anyone reading this. are absolute utter utter cunts and have put great fucking popups / multiple boxes that block everything all over my page. I was a little miffed and got some free space at But, ta da!, Tripod don’t like you FTPing stuff OFF the site and won’t let me.
More to the point I am in an internet cafe in Prague and cannot do any of the following: access any ftp / java / any fucking thing that might possibly help programmes, download any of the said programmes, run anything, in any way access my new account.
I have been sitting here for three hours spending money trying my hardest to actually move a few fucking files from one place to another.
All I want is the adverts to go away.
Please, somebody, help me! I will be as grateful as.
Please please, somebody help me achieve this measly goal.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tis I, Dan
    Have you considered chucking the site and just going weblog? Failing that, can ask what the guys at home would charge you for space – I suspect it would be a paltry sum in kiwi dollars, a mere tuppence in mighty british pounds, and something similar in Euros.

    • Re: Tis I, Dan
      Hey Dan.
      What I want: Perhaps a cheap server, yes, but the point is this:
      I can only use WEB based ftp .
      I cannot use any non-web based, it is utterly utterly impossible.
      Any suggestions from anyone?

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