On Thursdays I get up at 6.40am. I brush my teeth, get some clothes on, go downstairs and make myself some scrambled eggs on bread with a large mug of coffee. I eat / drink this breakfast, listen to the world service (unless it’s in Czech), put on my shirt and tie and leave the house with my notes. I catch the tram to Zelivskeho (without a ticket) then get the metro to Pankrac (with a ticket). Once in Pankrac it is approaching 8am. I wait until it is actually 8 (3 mins or so), walk inside the Peugeot building, tell the doorman ‘Dobré rano, jsem učitel anglični pro Jiži Schubert… jo… ..jo,’ get buzzed through, take the lift upstairs, wait at the reception area for ten minutes while the reception woman tries to get hold of Jitka (Jiži), get told that he is on holiday / in a meeting all morning / otherwise indisposed, go home to bed. For this charade I get paid 400 korun.
I was especially glad there was no angliční konversace lesson to teach this morning because I only had 2 hours sleep. I went to bed at 11 like a good boy, lay there, listened to the radio… just wasn’t tired or sleepy. I am now though.

Postscript: I (B3TA) have found the greatest website in the world – http://www.mingthemerciless.com – just keep clicking at it.

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