You might remember how two entries ago I was telling you about how I was at a karaoke night at a sports bar called Legends last Friday. Well, the news is that I found out yesterday that just after I left some Norwegian guy got kicked to death on the floor for no reason whatsoever. You can read about it here. My friend Gail has spent the last two days helping out with his friends, parents, the police, etc. I was pretty shocked when I heard all this and as I happened to be in a club at the time it put a dark shade on last night. To think that one night you go out as a tourist in a new city, walk into a shitty overpriced sports bar on karaoke night and get kicked… then, nothing. Your whole life over. What a stupid thing to happen.

Update – The Post finally has some information about it:

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  1. poranila_se says:

    seriously, what the fuck is happening in prague?
    but is the victim dead or alive? that Karaoke Ken wrote, “When the victim was taken to hospital he was in a critical situation but alive,thanks to the paramedics” which made him sound still alive.
    ugh, weird.
    plans to move back are going forward. which program did you get your tefl though again?

    • I’m afraid he died after 2 days in hospital.
      Its all over the Prague Post but I can’t find any mention of it on the radio. Gail is interviewed extensively about it in the paper itself. Prague right now = some wierd shit. I can think of 6 fucked up incidents off the top of my head.
      I got my TEFL off Prague Schools,, and I reccommend that yo do the same. It costs the same as other TEFL courses but is actually a better recognised qualification.

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