Seems like weeks since I’ve updated but its less than one… Ah well.
Saturday was the housewarming party, a success by all standards in that all had fun, nothing got broken and no major personality clashes marred the night. There was a little trouble for me personally, though I’m not sure I can talk about it except in metaphorical terms. So, ok…. You know when you’ve been eating baked beans on toast for a week and you start lusting after prime steaks with roasted vegetables, cream sauce, etc? And especially since the baked beans really belong to somebody else anyway and you’re just looking after them for a while when it comes down to it? And the baked beans have nothing whatsoever in common with you and nothing to talk about? And there’s lots of juicy prime steaks everywhere and its the beginning of the summer in Prague and you want to try lots of different meals at international restaurants, etc. Well….
So anyway, Sunday we went to Karlsteyn castle and walked around quarries all day with Lucie, her friend Jan (everyone is called Jan) and her dog Síkí, in the baking sun. It was very beautiful and very nice to get out of Prague for a day and enjoy ourselves in the countryside. There’s a whole 5 months left for us to lounge around in the sun, drink beer and smoke tabs now. Which is what comprises most days at the moment.
That’s about it really, there has been a little trouble in the apartment with Jacques having slightly different ideas about the way a house should be kept in order, but hopefully all will pass. My plan for tonight is to lie in bed, read Ham On Rye by Bukowski and generally not go out to the Blind Eye and stay out drinking dark Krusovice until 4, like every other night for a few weeks.
Anyhow. Night night.

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