I am really monumentally fucked off with livejournal right now, due to the fact that the not-working clock on this computer means that all entries are refused and when I press the ‘back’ button I cannot retrieve them. So, I just wrote a very long piece that I was quite pleased about and am now having to restrain myself from smashing the keyboard into the monitor in an incredible hulk-esque manner. But, I digress. I will now have to type out everything I just wrote, again. GAH!
So….. I now have a new house (I was in a good mood when I wrote this all before and am now furious so instead of being optimistic this is feeling more like withering sarcasm) anyway, I now have, on this, the last day of April, managed to get to my name a luxury loft apartment (sweet), access to all manner of film-making equipment (sweeter), a well paid, cushy job (sweetest) and a girlfriend of sorts (pretty mediocre really to tell the truth, but she’ll never read this). All is therefore (nearly) sorted and the housewarming is Saturday, with all invited.
Meanwhile, back at the proverbial, I have today been exploring the following interesting things:
1. Gwen has told me about a local wierdo woman in Southampton who a friend of hers went out with, then dumped. She made the mistake of leaving scary messages on his answering machine and his brother (or something) turned them into a song, i.e Psychobabble which is pretty cool.
2. ‘The best new writing I have seen in a while’ is how I just described Michael Kelly, no relation to Matthew I hope but very very funny indeed.
3. And finally…. Chris Morris has done a cut-up thing of George Dubya Bush’s state of the nation address, called Bushwacked, though it takes about a month to download it is tres.
OK, I am now going to press ‘Update’ and hope for the best.

cooler than the fonz!
I’m just a cool person. People like me.

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  1. rubysurprise says:

    if i got over my fear of flying by saturday, got some cash via a job etc etc i’d come to your house warming. as it is i can’t but i will.
    also people keep telling me to keep at uni for another year but as an example you quit in your second didn’t you?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Glad you like ‘Psychobabble’….yes you have the story exactly right…My brother was dating a local nutter and after months of obscene phonecalls and general harrassment-I whacked a microphone on the answering machine and produced the track…it’s very big in Greece apparently.
    James (darkpoets.com)

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