SO, two weeks in the new house and most of my time seems to be currently spent walking around the Czech countryside with mes housemates, Lucie, her dog, her friends, their dogs, etc. Evenings are mainly (always) in the Blind Eye drinking Dark Krusovice and playing table football. Sweet.
We are going to have a party every other week now so if anyone (I know) wants to come over there is room for you to stay and plenty of fun shit going on.
Aside from that there is a festival here on the 20th/21st of June, only 13 quid or so and you get to see Marylin Manson, Morcheeba, Asian Dub Foundation, Dave Clarke, Moloko, Justin Robertson…. go to and click where it says ‘en’ for the English language version. Ta ta.

Which “Benjamin” Are You?

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