Xiaobei vs The Alleykitten

I was at work a few days ago when I got a strange call from V. She’d been having lunch at home when she heard a strange noise from outside. Xiaobei rushed out of the back door and started barking. She’d found something.


Closer inspection revealed what it was; a tiny kitten.


The poor thing had somehow managed to come down the 6-foot concrete wall which surrounds our back yard, and had no way of getting back up there again. V put Xiaobei back in the house and was about to put the kitten back up on the wall when someone else arrived – the kitten’s mother.


Understandably this alley-cat wasn’t particularly pleased about her child being threatened by a dog and stated baring her teeth and hissing at V. She even got inside the house at one point. V isn’t particularly accustomed to cats, so she was understandably a bit scared and closed the back door.
Five hours later I returned to the house, to find the kitten and mother still there, still looking fairly unhappy and showing no sign of going anywhere.


Rather than risk a clawing I put the ladders against the wall and let the kitten climb up them. It was, after all, just a cat.

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