The Cabin Fever – Part Two

Today’s section includes the second part of ‘Dan in France’, two songs including the famous Cats Are Cooler Than Dogs, and lots of interviews.

The Cabin Fever – Part 2

As anyone reading this probably knows I’ve spent most of the last eight or nine years outside the UK, so I didn’t meet up with Dan again until 2007. By this time he was living in a place called “Jordan House” – a halfway house where he had his own apartment. The walls were all his paintings, the ground a heap of Dr Pepper bottles, and a chinchilla was springing around the place. Dan seemed subdued and slightly nervous, characteristics I’d never seen in him before. Then he played us some of his music and all the pieces fell into place.
Since 2003 Dan had been recording tracks with Ed and Ken. The songs varied a great deal in style, but all shared a slightly childlike, intense, honest view of the world. Nothing was hidden in metaphor or behind layers of irony – everything was presented as it was to him. The music varied from brilliant to not so good, but it was clear that TCF was a clear, strong idea, and that it has a lot of potential.

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