So, a decent enough weekend all-in-all. Went off with Duncan, Amelia & Charlie to the club apparently now known as “B-Low” (because it’s in the basement, so, yeah…) which despite the name was very cool. They played lots of very good music and then some more rubbish indie music, so I danced to the rubbish stuff to be consistent. Then we went and had a smoke in D&A’s back garden.
Not much more to report right now, except that if anyone wants to buy any records I’ll be putting them up here – not much yet but hopefully 35 items or so by this time tomorrow.

Oh, I almost forgot:

First here is my tea.

And here is Ramon, Jan and Natalia

And, uh…

And Amalia and Ramon

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  1. i have found a lot of your records whilst clearing out my house. not sure what to do with them really. i guess my mum’s house for now?

    • Yeah, and more of my stuff is in that room too, in a couple of boxes? I’ll have to pick them up, if you can keep hold of them in the meantime that would be brilliant.

  2. Anonymous says:

    uhm,your housemates seem to be nice,tell us more about them..

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