The Cabin Fever – Part One

Between 2008 and 2009 I filmed my old friend Dan Hall in a series of music videos and interviews. The film was completed about a year ago, but it’s taken me a year to find a way to upload videos so that they can be viewed in the west.
This is part one, the rest of it will follow over the next week or so.

The Cabin Fever – Part 1
Dan (along with a collection of other Southampton-linked collaborators) is The Cabin Fever. When we were housemates in the late 90s he was a surfer-rock barfly at the student union. He’d get wasted every night and we’d all hang around to watch and join in with his antics. Drink seemed to turn him into this hilarious character and we all thought it was a great joke, but then it turned out it wasn’t a joke at all. We were all genuinely surprised when he had a schizophrenic breakdown and was committed to the local mental hospital, then surprised again when it turned out to be not just a phase.
It was around this point that I left the UK, and I wouldn’t see Dan again for a good six years. Next time I’ll talk about meeting him again, and about his music.

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