The Cabin Fever – Part Three

Today’s quarter of the film includes the songs ‘Don’t Kill Yourself’, ‘NOW’ and ‘Sunny Day’, as well as some interviews, a tour of his flat and a bit of shaky footage from the band’s debut gig in London.

The Cabin Fever – Part 3

I started making these music videos / films with Dan in 2008. The first four (“Lost In Space”, “Wandered By”, “NOW”, “Sunny Day”) were completed in a whirlwind 24 hours when we both seemed to be working effortlessly. I also got enough footage to make “Cats Are Cooler Than Dogs” a bit later. The second visit wasn’t so productive – Dan seemed a bit spaced out and I’d brought a lot less ideas with me. Nevertheless, this visit yielded vids for “Hold On” and “Don’t Kill Yourself”, as well as an aborted effort on my favourite TCF song, “I Know You, You Know Me”. Around this time 3D Lee joined the band, and I saw them perform their debut gig for an internet radio station in Dalston in May 2009, and since all the gang were there I managed to film most of the interviews you can see here.

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