Rude English

I’ve always been perhaps too entertained by foreign language words and products name which are rude in English, but the joke is getting a bit weak now.
What I really want to hear are some English words which are unintentionally hilarious to speakers of other languages. A good example would be an English van driving through Sweden with the words “Store Fitter” written on the side.
Here’s what I’ve got so far:

Afrikaans: Donner
Bislama: Coke
Czech: Peachy
French: Persil, Bite, Peter
Japanese: Gary
Mandarin Chinese: Newbie, Shabby
Norwegian: Pick, Cook
Thai: Top Shelf, Jew

When I’ve got enough I will try to write a song using as many as possible.
Someone else might want to sing it or write the tune as I’m famously multitalentless.

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