The rest of the week

The rest of the week was spent working and occasionally drinking, apart from Tuesday, which I spent by the pool with Mandy. Thursday was supposed to be a trip to the zoo, not as much fun as it sounds as I was due to be supervising 31 children and it was therefore work. At 11pm on Wednesday I got a call informing me that the visit was postponed due to the imminent arrival of Typhoon Prapiroon.
I had a decent lie-in yesterday, then decided I didn’t want to go outside for fear of being blown away. The winds were whipping around my building, knocking branches off trees and flooding the entrance lobby. I did need some food, though, so I at least made an effort to brave the weather. The lifts were out-of-order, so I climbed down the 14 flights, took one look at the raging inferno outside, climbed back up to the flat and spent the rest of the day with bread, peanut butter and DVDs.
This is two minutes walk from my front door:

On the up-side I finally had time to unpack all my stuff.

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