Last weekend

My trip to Macau last Saturday was hampered by English-style drizzle, so instead of a two-day bender it was scaled down to a four-hour shopping trip. I’m not somebody who enjoys shopping, especially in the rain, but a good time was had anyway. It’s easy to forget that we are attached to this bizarre half-chinese half-Portuguese city. Every time I go down there I swear I’ll spend more time there and then don’t return for two months. I’d probably be down there every weekend if it didn’t involve changing my money into patacas and going through the most serious border crossing I’ve seen anywhere in the 30 or so countries I’ve visited. Bear in mind here that Macau is still china.
So I did get a camera, and a bargain too. I didn’t get any photos because off the drizzly non-fun atmosphere and lack of anywhere to sit down, and haven’t found a way of putting the photos I’ve taken since online. Soon, though, soon.
After I got back home I went out to a decent new bar on the beach, after getting hopelessly and dangerously lost on the way over. Quite a few of the more social foreigners were there too, so I hung out with them and went to get some street food, then went to bed.
Sunday was spent socialising too – first on an island with a girl (no more details here), then in a Beijing-style restaurant with some other teachers. Had to go to bed early as less than 6 hours sleep makes teaching a gut-wrenching experience.

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