I haven’t really written about Kevin (my new flatmate) on this blog so far because I haven’t really had a reason to until today. He’s an immensely large (width-wise) computer geek from (American) Georgia who has a strange lispy high-pitched voice and generally keeps himself to himself.
I hadn’t really clicked with him over the month we’ve had living together, which I thought was due to how infrequently we were both at home. The usual occasion for me to meet him has been when I need to use the bathroom and he’s having his daily 30 minute morning shower.
So yesterday, after four weeks of ‘living together’, I finally got around to having a meal with him. The first half-an-hour of conversation went ok, if a little strangely – his obsession with buffing his fingernails did seem a little odd, but everyone has their little quirks. After the food came, though, he decided to ask my opinion on the homeless. His opinion is, apparently, that they should be shot.
If he’d left it at that it would’ve been bad enough, but for the rest of the meal, the walk home and the following thirty minutes he explained to me his frankly frightening political views and attempted to engage me in the kind of debate with involves putting forward heavily leading questions and accusing your opponent of dodging them for not offering a yes-or-no answer. He’s not too keen on shades of gray at all.
I don’t think I can live with this man.

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  1. pixxers says:

    Ah, he’s from Georgia. Smells like a republican to me. You have my condolences, babe.

  2. i’m starting to detest my housemate as well. lucky you don’t have to see them all the time although mine’s just a bit of a twat rather than a massive fascist.

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