When I was having “highlights” of this journal printed in the Prague Compass someone said “all you ever do is drink in the Blind Eye.” Back then, though, I had a job of sorts. Now there is really nothing stopping me from taking up residence there and pissing away the next month in a hungover daze.

Friday I went to Radost instead, with Jan, Zdenek and their Russian friend Ivan (who brought along a packet of squid jerky). It was the long-awaited first Prague electro night, not a patch on any average club in Berlin, but a start at least. Had a good few beers, then moved on to the whiskey, after which it goes a bit foggy. Later we were back at Jan & Zdenek’s eating Venison (a friend of Zdenek’s had shot the beast earlier in the week). Eventually, slept.

Then yesterday I felt generally terrible. We watched the snow piling up outside and Ali G again, before we got down to the local workers’ pub to eat and in my case try very hard to stay awake. The food was good apart from the spinach, which was so salty I could barely keep it down. Had a couple more beers with that, and some coffee, then moved house. This involved throwing a few things in my backpack and taking it next-door.

Later I went with Jan to the Blind Eye and met up with Dennily and with Jussi, who has cut off all his hair. Beer probably wasn’t a good idea but what else is there to do? Lots of 18-year-old gap-year backpackers from the USA and Australia arrived and talked at us very enthusiastically. Tried to talk back but there seemed to be an irony gap that prevented any actual comprehension. After a taxi and some more venison went to sleep for the first time in my new place. If I lie up in bed there’s a video display board with endless adverts directly in my view. This may become annoying at some point. Especially as there are no curtains.

Today I bought a towel and some christmas postcards, had a svickova and orange juice, lots of coffee. Now a bath seems like a good idea.

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