Nearing the end of my first training week at the call centre now, and it is all going a lot better than I had imagined. The people all seem to be pretty nice as a whole, the atmosphere not as stressed as I might have imagined and the system fairly complicated but I’m at least not at the bottom of the class.
The other people are a mixed bag – male and female, from 17 to ‘mid thirties’, English and foreign types. They all seem to be fairly well-educated though. A shame that after all that education their only job prospect is in a call centre, maybe. Maybe not, I’m surprised at the complexity of the job and the responsibility we are allowed.
The only thing I’m waiting for now is confirmation of my holiday time over new year. Real fingers crossed over that one – if I get refused I would be surprised, since I already had a tacit agreement and they aren’t going to want to waste all this training on someone who’ll quit. Because I will absolutely be in Prague for the new year.

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  1. yeah i am planning to join the ranks at the hsbc call centre but am making a giant lie about going away from dec 23rd to after the new year.
    are you doing sales or customer service? i wussed out and went for the latter…

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