Since I’m not getting employed until February I thought I’d probably better get a flat here for the month and a half I’m staying around. Finding someone who was out of the city for exactly the right time and lived in the right area was a bit of a daunting task though, and for a week I got exactly zero responses. Then yesterday I got a message from an American guy called Chris who was away at the right time, made arrangements to meet up, took the tram down to I.P.Pavlova, met the guy, took the same tram back to the same stop, the same street, the same block…. Yes, I’m moving in tomorrow. Yes, I’m moving next fucking door. What’s the chances of that?
Christmas in Prague is going to be strange. First one I’ve ever had away from family, at the age of 26. I hope it snows, that would make up for everything. Right now there’s nothing but drizzle, though the temperature is well below zero due to wind chill.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    good work james. come round for tea soon.

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