Two days ago I went to Venice for a night. Stayed in a “B&B” run by a guy who I’m sure has school parties by to look at him and find out what the word ‘obsequious’ means. Had to take a bus into the “famous Venice” and was half expecting to be underwhelmed but found the place to be genuinely breathtaking, especially by night. There’s no describing it – everyone has seen it on tv a thousand times – but how odd it is in reality was a real surprise.
Had what I later found to be veal cannelloni at a restaurant and spent 30 mins following signs across the whole town for a “WC,” which was closed, another 10 before I found another, then the boat back (not a gondola) to see the sights and a struggle to find a way back to the “B&B” as the last bus had gone. Was eventually helped by a feral girl.
Actually spent twice as much time in Mestre and Ljubljana the next day, but nothing interesting to report there.

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