Last few days in Brighton

When I was done with work we had a last house night out at some club called ‘Union’ on the beach. It was alright, nothing too amazing but apparently a whole league above the clubs in Slovakia. The design was good though – a mezzanine with comfy sofas hangs above the dancefloor. Some Australian backpacking girl came over to chat to me at one point but I actually managed to bore her away, slightly worrying. After we went and sat on the beach for a bit, then went home.
On Sunday we were supposed to have a party but as we were still so fucked from the previous night it just ended up being a few drinks with a few people over. Some guy brought some slivovice (Czechoslovak plum moonshine) so I drank some of that and felt even worse the next day, which was unfortunate as it was the last day everyone was in the house and therefore “cleaning day.” I scrubbed every inch of the kitchen on my own for 5 hours, then the girls turned up and packed their stuff and Liam turned up and threw everything in the house away. The landlady spent the day tiling the bathroom herself, evidently with no experience at all. The wall went from having a few loose tiles to being a candidate for one of those TV programmes where they show DIY disasters. She seemed to think it was satisfactory, somehow.
On Tuesday morning the girls went back off to Slovakia. Liam had already vacated the house, so I had it to myself to clean the rest of it. Then on Wednesday I moved what I wanted to keep of my posessions down to Duncan & Amelia’s place, where I’ve been staying these last two days while sorting out what few things I have left into a size small enough to carry.
last night I made a Risotto for D&A. Amelia was a little apprehensive as the previous two meals I made for them gave Duncan gout and her indigestion respectively. But I think it turned out pretty well. They were too tired to go to the Flesh Happening gig in the Engine Rooms so went I with Charlie and drank ale. Then I chatted up this Spanish bird for a while, then found out she was Tim’s girlfriend.
Today I gave in to the laws of physics and biology and sent myself a parcel to avoid breaking my back with the sheer amount of stuff. In an hour I leave Brighton.

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