Scumhampton remembered.

I’ve already got the feeling that blogging this next couple of months is going to be a constant game of catch-up, so I’d better get the weekend down at least.
For the first time in history my journey from Brighton to Southampton was lacking in any problems whatsoever and I got there on my tight schedule which was wiped out by Southampton Radio Taxis. First they said the cab was on its way, then 15 minutes later they said the cab was on its way and a further 15 minutes later they said they’d never heard of me. It would’ve been less hassle to walk. A pox on them. Cunts.
After that I went out with Ted to Bar Coda for Lamf. That was alright, had a couple of beers and played pool and talked about My Bloody Valentine with Tom from Pellumair. Then we didn’t go to Nexus but went up to The Greene Cellar for another beer, and back to Ted’s.
On Saturday we went over to Dan’s house. It was the first time I’d seen him since his breakdown and sectioning three years ago and though I was bracing myself for a shock he seemed mororless like the Dan I remember, only now I know he’s not joking. We had a good laugh, a few smokes and a reminisce. Listened to some of his new music too, and I have to say there’s a good few hits in there. He’s been through some rough times to say the least, but he seems to be fairly well set up now.
That evening we gave in and went to Goblets to see a whole load of Southampton types, way too many to name check. It was the average Saturday night in Gobs I remember – beer, people milling around, at least one emotional crisis. All the stuff I sometimes feel nostalgic for but usually think of as part of the reason I left the UK in the first place. Lennon’s was better though – the décor, the staff, the music and the quality of the clientele seem to have improved significantly in the last few years, though drinks have remained cheap(ish). Objects were playing and were pretty good and Ally was playing a good selection of Britpop hits.
So that was Southampton, then. Goodbye to all that again. All the best to all the people I met up with, if any are reading, will catch up with you all next time I make it to the UK.
So, on Sunday Mum came to pick me and my stuff up and take both to Worcester, where I’ve been since then, sorting out my possessions. Seems like I’ve been here forever, already. Tomorrow I’m off to my Dad’s place, then down to Cardiff to see Gwen.

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2 Responses to Scumhampton remembered.

  1. i’m hating not having money. it means miss out on all the fun. when are you leaving the country?

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