The last ever entry about Lloyds TSB

Ten things I will not miss;
1. Having 25 minutes and 12 seconds break a day.
2. Being reprimanded for going over this time yet getting no compensation for having to stay behind for 15 minutes.
3. Getting stuck with problems that aren’t my responsibility and having to spend ages trying to find someone willing to take over the call.
4. Being outranked by people who know less what they’re doing than I do.
5. Getting home and not wanting to talk to another person for hours.
6. Being unable to get out of the ‘on call’ state of mind.
7. having to constantly apologise and take responsibility for things that are in no way my fault.
8. Being talked down to by pompous, arrogant customers who seem unaware not only that they’re speaking to a human being but also that the human being in question didn’t cause their problem.
9. Having to constantly defend company policy that I utterly disagree with.
10. Having to transfer calls to India, where the staff seem to have received only the most basic training in the English language and the credit card system.
11. Spending 20 minutes working as hard as I can to solve someone’s problem and not getting a word of thanks at the end.
12. The constant ‘dress down day’ mania – three a week is three too many.
13. Having to swipe my entry card three times to get to my desk…
14. Which somebody else has almost always taken.
15. The constant focus on targets.

It was supposed to be 10 but now I’m up to 15 and I could go on.

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2 Responses to The last ever entry about Lloyds TSB

  1. Hmmm… TSB sounds exactly like NTL…

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