Spent most of Friday and Saturday either working or on the net, leaving about seven hours for sleep instead of the usual sixteen. Caught up on Sunday by sleeping in til 3.30, something I was hoping I’d grown out of, but no luck there. Spent the rest of the day drowsy and with a headache, unable to wake up properly at all. Went round to Duncan and Amelia’s in the evening and watched TV, was alright. The girls went out for the evening, and I stayed up until 2.30, downloading some TV show or other. Had to go to bed sharpish when around 15 very drunk people arrived and started having a party in the kitchen. Too antisocial to talk to anyone, and feel weird trying to talk to drunk people when I’m sober and tired.
Then today was much the usual kind of Monday thing really. Everyone saves up their banking business for Monday so every week we get a deluge despite having every desk in the building occupied. At one point there were nearly a hundred people in the queue. Took lunch aside to get some swimming stuff – I plan to start going to the pool next door to the office as I’m developing a bit of a beer belly and don’t really get any exercise.
This evening we watched some Spaced and ‘Young Adam’.
Oh, and… found my old friend Dan on the ‘net just now – http://www.viceland.com/issues_uk/v3n3/htdocs/cabin.php – glad to see him up to stuff again.

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