Two days of work and now off doing nothing again until Tuesday, due to some of those pesky “bank holidays” I would imagine. Except Saturday, which isn’t one, when I have to work the usual 7.30am – 5.30pm shift. Trying to negotiate to not do that either, though, as Amelia’s birthday is Friday.
Last night I arrived home to find that we were having a party with just the four of us (Amalia, Natalia, Ramon and meself, that would be) invited. Hope it wasn’t inspired by that fucking abysmal Shania Twain song but it seems unlikely. We had beers, music and party snacks. And all dressed up. That was about it really.
Anyone with digital TV should watch BBC3 tonight at 11.10 as they’re screening the winner of the sitcom contest I entered and lost. The winner is a schoolfriend of my friend Charlie and one of the main characters is based on her & Angus Deaton is in it.

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  1. Hi
    I don’t know you, but Hi. It is my personal mission to say hello to everyone…one more down!

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