Day off yesterday so went to the Pavillion with the Slovaks to have a look around. Very nice inside, decorated to a degree that heads past ludicrous and stops somewhere in the region of a building designed by a 14-year-old Games Workshop artist with a China fixation and an overactive imagination. Fucking cool, though, obviously.
Then we went to the beach for a while. It being the winter of late I’d forgotten that I live beside the seaside so it was a pleasant surprise to see a good couple of thousand people packing the beach, though there is still a week left of March if I’m not mistaken. It can’t last, but I’m looking forward to the summer a great deal now. We’ll have to reserve ourselves a little patch of stones.
After I was planning to go to Amelia’s birthday celebrations down at the Concorde 2 but due to bastard bastard fucking cunting cunts PLC I was forced to go to bed at 11pm with 2 nytol, lie there rolling from side to side for a few hours, sleep for a few hours, wake at 6.30, go to work, feel like utter shit and now struggle on for the remainder of the day and pass out at 11pm due to sleep deficit, another zombie Saturday, despite it being a “bank holiday weekend”.

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  1. are you going to try for glastonbury tickets? i am.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Greetings from fair Prague, cousin.
    Just sayin howdy.

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