Interesting call today. The guy ended by saying “no offence to you, James, but may Lloyds TSB Card Services rot in hell” then hung up. Yesterday morning there was some guy who couldn’t believe we had the temerity to charge cash advance fees to a millionaire like himself. I could have and would have refunded them, but he talked to me like I was an unruly servant, so no can do Mr Millionaire. Then he went on at me for half an hour, but I didn’t give him any money.
Sorry, shop talk.
Funny that my waking hours are now entirely on the phone. I’m using my lunch breaks to try to sort out my computer, which may now be fixed within a week at the quickest.
Oh, what a world, etc.
Tomorrow is Friday, though, which means that Office Angels give me some free Thai Buffet goodness. Some things are looking up after all.
By the way, I’ve also been notified that there isn’t going to be any snow in Africa this Christmastime. Frankly I thought we had that cleared up twenty years ago. What’s going on there, eh? Where is that fucking snow?

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  1. i am banned from singing “well tonight thank god it’s them instead of you” because i like singing it. loads.

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