The flat-hunt has been looking a little less positive these last two days. Both the possibilities have turned out not to be. Ah well. I’ve found a few more leads now though, and in the meantime have resorted to making my own begging notes and putting them on notice boards.
Meanwhile though, more goings out. Last night accompanied Duncan & Amelia to go and see some bands playing with a projection behind them. I don’t think I was prepared for a cacophony of extreme noises and images but that’s what I was exposed to, and just about managed not to run out screaming though I felt like I was banging my head against a wall for twenty minutes. Next time sld friends Delays who are playing round here. On the sweet again, of course. Should be a laugh, eh?

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  1. mind_at_war says:

    good luck with the flat hunt.
    i recently went and saw a local band play, and they had a few televisions playing black and white clips while the band was all was nifty.

    • Anonymous says:

      hi james! hope things are going well back at home. how does it feel to be back? things are okay here, but you know how teaching goes- it’s piece meal and your hours change all the time. arrgghhhh! i’ll be back in prague from dec 23-january 6. hope to catch you there! good luck with everything,take care and talk to you soon- love,lara

    • I think David Devant and His Spirit Wife used to do that.

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