Things found on the internet this week

Haven’t done this for a while, but I’ve come across some very good stuff lately.

This American Life podcast about the Foxconn factory in Shenzhen

If you are interested in China, own any electronic gadgets (a computer for example) or live in the 21st century then you’d better listen to this.

Scans of Select magazine, 1990-2000

Bit conflicted about this. On one hand “YES! FANTASTIC!”, on the other hand I can see myself spending way too much time reading these.

This news reporter doesn’t know why he’s here


What movie posters have in common

Amazing and a bit depressing


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1 Response to Things found on the internet this week

  1. Jon Wakeham says:

    Thanks for that. I am trying to folow you as much as I can.
    Just to let you know, parcel arrived today – absolutely perfect, but a little slow to arrive. God bless Parcel Force.
    Panto – 2nd performance tonight. It went pretty well last night. I hope to be even better tonight.

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