Tuesday night I went out with Ted, Ken, Virginia, half of Delays and some other people. It was a good night. I’d been somehow worried about not getting on with anyone back here but I shouldn’t have been. Everything really was just great, good to see so many people again, after so long. When Goblets closed we moved on to a karaoke bar next door where we nearly got beaten up by twats who thought Aaron was gay because he was in his band costume. And the rest of us looked a little odd too, probably. I dunno.
On Wednesday I moved to Brighton. But first I visited Matt, as it was his birthday, and we went and got some bangers and mash.
It took nearly 3 hours to get from Southampton to Brighton because of some kid of railway conspiracy. Since then I’ve been staying with Duncan and Amelia in their very nice flat, spending the daytime house-hunting. Two places so far are possibilities, the others having something or other wrong with them. One place was fine until I realised the guy living there was absolutely insane. He gave me a speech about exactly what size of cat I could swing in my room, that tipped me off.
Otherwise, Brighton is pretty amazing. A&D cook some amazing Thai food, the sea is just at the end of the road, and every day I seem to end up going someplace really cool. Two days back I went to Electralaine with Charlie and some other people – they were pretty damn fantastic. Then today, with 20 mins warning, I saw Bill Bailey at the Dome. And he was (insert even better superlative)! Both of these on the sweet. What a city. Even the late night burger joints sell real chicken steaks.
On the downside, Duncan woke up a couple of days back with a swollen foot and, after forever at the hospital, was told it was gout. At the age of 25. Jesus. On the plus side he does get a week off work.
So, anyhow, I will be getting some sleep now. Cao all in Prague. And elsewhere.

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  1. wish i’d have been able to make it down last week but i was utterly drained and don’t seem to have improved much since then. damn half cold thingy crap and all that goes with it.

  2. *waves hand in a “maybe/ maybe nor gesture”*
    it’s about time someone decided…

  3. that’s wicked. we have just purchased many decorations from hyper hyper value value for under £10 including loads of that spider web stuff and a large roll of black binliners. will look great.

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