Another couple of days and I am already used to the UK again. Sort of. I bought a galaxy caramel and a can of cherry tango yesterday and it came to £1.30!! Unbelievable. A bacon butty is still £1.20 though, so at least some things are sacred.
Generally, Worcester is still as dull as ever. More so now actually. The fact that people from school are still working around here gives me the creeps too. I’m not particularly satisfied with my life as such but I’d be miserable as hell if I’d had to spend the whole quarter of a century here.
Anyway, tired, going home.

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  1. comedylisa says:

    brighton beach
    hi james!
    am in the apple store in LA its my last day here so no more perma tans plastic or palm trees this place is bizzarre. i cant take it seriously, one guy at the hostel in 3 days just talks about food and weights. theyre obsessed so we escpaed to mexico for the day yesterday and drank margaritas instead. anyways i went to the beach randomnly in new york and it was called brighton beach. thought of u. u moved there yet?!
    lisa xxx

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