After one last, fantastic night at the Blind Eye, all that was left was to take a few hours kip and get my bags. It was a public holiday in the Czech Republic yesterday, so I got to say goodbye to Martin and so on. The bags were heavy as hell, but Amanda gave me a hand with them. Then we had some soup in the airport and I checked in. The plane was unsurprisingly full of English people, whose overheard speech I could clearly understand. None of it was particularly interesting, though it was funny when they all stood up ten minutes before the doors opened. Well, five anyway.
Back at my mum’s house now, with a new sense of drive and vigour in my step. Just had a bacon butty with ketchup, truly unbelievably great. There is no bacon or white bread in Prague. Then I went to get a new simcard for my phone. The guy at the desk said “ah… Mr Errington?” and I spent a minute trying to place him but really couldn’t and had to fess up. He turned out to be a guy from high school who I’d not really known or been friends with, but now he was 5 inches shorter than me, wearing a suit, with a shaved head, and working for phones 4 u. He was polite, but pissed off I couldn’t remember him, though he tried to pretend not to be. On leaving I found the simcard he sold me didn’t work. I’ll have to go back and complain I suppose, though I feel like a complete fucker doing so. Ah well.

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