This will be my last entry in Prague. Hard to believe, I know.
Anyway, the weekend was pretty good. Started off Friday night, with Jan’s flying visit, which meant that I stayed up until 4 drinking borovicka, got three hours sleep and then went off with Lucie, Eva and French guy for a 15km walk in the woods. It was pretty nice, good scenery and no real rain to speak of. We ate walnuts, elderberries and apples from the trees and got to Karlstein in time to drink a fair deal of burcak, the partially fermented wine you can only get once a year.
After there was a little party at Amanda & Tom’s place to celebrate my leaving and their moving in. It wasn’t too bad, not a scratch on the legendary parties of last year but still a good deal of fun was had.
The rest of the time I’ve had to carry around all my possessions to the people who’ll be looking after them, so am already very tired, especially with the 8 hours sleep I had in total in three nights.

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