Woke up early to try and sell my scanner and printer. Well, 11am is pretty early. After trudging around town, including four shady secondhand electrical shops I found that you can’t sell electrical equipment with missing adapters. In the end one guy took pity on me and gave me 50 crowns (1 pound) for both of them. I was glad to have it.
Afterwards Gali & I visited Chelsea. She’s in the mental hospital in Bohnice right now, which is huge beyond all belief. It even has a live venue and a cafe, amongst other things. We hung around in the cafe for a while and it was all nice.
All for now. If anyone in Prague is reading this (who knows me) I’m having a leaving party in what was Johnny Porno’s house but is now Amanda & Tom’s. Starting around 9pm tomorrow. Bring booze.

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