The plan was to go around to the old flat, then carry the computer downstairs and take it around in a taxi to various pawn shops until we found one who would buy it from us. But all that had to be stopped as the interminable drizzle of autumn came down this afternoon.
I conferred with Ivana briefly on what to do with the fucking thing. I thought we should give it to anyone who wanted it, so long as it didn’t end up in the hands of Jacques. After half an hour and a coffee we came to a decision. We wrapped it in binbags and carried it across the street to a gypsy squat, put a little note on top that said “darek”, which means “present”, knocked on the gypsies’ door, and ran away. I hope they use the money well, to feed themselves or something. Their need is greater than mine.
I still have a scanner and a printer. Any takers?

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  1. hiredg00n says:

    You could probably donate the printer and scanner to a library or school.
    That, or Christmas comes early for the gypsies!

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