There are two new residents in my house. A parrot called Pepicek, who says a lot of things, including “ahoy.” Everything else is in parrot-czech, which I don’t speak. I’m not sure about keeping birds in cages really, there’s something not right about it. Also in the hallway is a rabbit, name unknown. It likes dandelion leaves.
Still sick. Meeting up with Jess to got to a teahouse now, though. She doesn’t know we’re going to a teahouse but, uh, I do.
Ah, one other thing. this has to be the worst idea of the year. Plastic beer bottles? I mean, people? Jesus fucking christ? I will boycott this middling but popular Czech beer until they quit it with the dumbest idea I’ve heard for a long time. Next they’ll be giving it up and just drinking bacardi breezers. Fucking marketing cunts.

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  1. hiredg00n says:

    They’ve had plastic beer bottles in the US for a while now. Usually just at big public events like baseball or football (the sissy US kind) games. It’s mostly so you cant break the bottle on someone’s head then stab them in the chest with it. PLUS they open the bottle for you, so you cant seal it and throw it across the field without all the contents spilling out and losing velocity. :(

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi james! i hope you feel better soon! have you gone to a doctor? don’t you brits have some kind of equilateral agreement about healthcare with the czechs, or what? oh-the plastic beer bottles-never seen them here in canada, so don’t blame us ;) i’ve seen them in germany,however. THAT’S who to blame, they are probably the culprits. have a great weekend! love,lara

  3. Anonymous says:

    yeap, i guess germany is to blame. i have drunk beer from plastic bottles here before. james, good that you are getting your e111 from england, it should all work fine. i was sick here in germany and the doctor – rather than having to deal with the whole health insurance rigamorole – just asked me to leave some cash instead. my illness cost me 35 euros including the medicine… i love the e.u…. anyways, get better soon, cause we will go on a bash in three weeks! ta ra, jan

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