If anyones got a memory then they may recall that I was sick a month ago. Well, I’m still sick now. I hadn’t mentioned it because I don’t like to go on, you know, but combined with a two-day Krumlov hangover and a bus journey back to Prague it results in a death-like state. Yes, I actually sat in a cellar bar the previous night and drunk carbonated water, but it wasn’t enough to prevent all kind of symptoms.
So yesterday I was actually unable to work, and went to the chemist, on Martin’s advice. It was still open when I got there, just about, so I thought I was in with a chance. And here is how it went (translated into English):
Me: I’m sorry, I don’t speak very much Czech but I have (mimes cough) and (mimes temperature) and (mimes lung infection) for one month.
Evil Chemist Woman: We have this (brings out infant cough syrup).
Me: No, not for a baby, for me!
ECW: What?
Me: Something, please.
ECW: (shrugs noncommittally)
Me: You have penicillin?
ECW: You have a prescription?
Me: No.
ECW No prescription, no penicillin.
Me: Is there anything else?
ECW: (shouts at me for thirty seconds in Czech)
Me: Slowly, please, I don’t understand.
ECW: (shrugs noncommittally)
Me: I need something, do you have something?
ECW: (Shouts at me for ten seconds, then shrugs noncomittally)
….and then this went on for a further five minutes. Afterwards I sat outside at the bus stop having got nothing at all and dreamed about firebombing the place. There is a certain type of shop assistant here whose mission in life seems to be to annoy. They always do that fucking shrug. Like to say “yes, I see there is a problem, but there are always problems, so what are you going to do?”
So, still sick as hell. if I die, the person solely responsible is the middle-aged woman who works at the chemist at the East of Horni Pocernice.
In other news I saw six nuns on the tram today and they all were wearing exactly the same glasses. Is that in the uniform? Or are they from the shortsighted convent?
Also two days back I had to inform Hamish that Interpol are after him, as you’ve all no doubt read. That was a first, something to tell the grandkids about, maybe?

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  1. hiredg00n says:

    The nuns probably didn’t notice they all had the same glasses, after a while wearing them just becomes a habit

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi james,
    i was pretty sick as well last week, ended up going to the doctor and having penicillin prescribed. i had tonsillitus. but i am feeling alright now.
    anyways, i am getting really excited to be seeing you all soon, i am coming to prague for the weekend of 27th and 28th august and bringing three germans along to show them prague!
    i guess you’ll all be around in the blind eye / clown and bard general area, can’t wait to drink czech beer!
    all the best,

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